Read My Body Language

An ideal garment for your personality? Or an ideal personality for a garment…

Everyone has a sense of style — after a decade helping people find what makes them tick, we know it’s the truth. Like anyone, saved Instagram posts turn into a field of confusion and screenshot ideas we see online clog our camera roll as “inspiration” - only to be deleted when we need more storage space.

I implore you to dig a little deeper. Stay awhile internally & get to know yourself…

There is no right way to dress. Stop worrying about how you’re perceived, and start worrying about how you perceive yourself. At 7&Sun, we believe in the uniqueness of personality. Quit the rules. Dress for yourself. Quit the perfection. Do you. Like En Vogue said “free your mind, and the rest will follow.”

You love? Wear it. Don’t love? Don’t wear it. It’s that simple. Dress with confidence, and for yourself! We love taking a year-round cotton dress and mixing it with seasonal elements, like Nymane’s Eliana cardigan worn over Banjanan’s Poppy dress. Adorn with a collection of Sacred Stands in your favorite color and stone - sunstone, neon apatite or turquoises - grab Maria La Rosa’s Mini Game bag in Black Rabbit (exclusive to us), and head out the door feeling cool, calm & collected.

It’s your wardrobe; embrace your favorite colors, your favorite silhouettes, your favorite jewelry, and anything that suits you — yes, you!

Be confident; nobody can wear it better than you.